D365 In Focus: Transform Your Organization with Sales Tool Belt [VIDEO]

In this Dynamics 365 In Focus video, Venkat walks through the Sales Tool Belt app created by PowerObjects. We love to create apps and add-ons based on customer feedback and functionality requests, and the Sales Tool Belt is no different! We created this app to give sales teams easier access to their CRM information while they are traveling. It has a host of useful and convenient features for those of you on the go. Watch this video to learn more!

D365 In Focus: Does Your Organisation Need Change Management? [VIDEO]

When organisations invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioral changes that employees must make in order for the system to yield a return. In today's D365 In Focus video, Latoya discusses the challenges organizations face when implementing Dynamics 365 and how a PowerObjects custom training can help. Check it out!

D365 In Focus: The 3 Best Features of PowerMap

PowerMap is a PowerPack add-on by PowerObjects that allows users to get a visual representation of their records in CRM. In this D365 In Focus video, PowerPack Pro, Zach, guides us through the three best features of PowerMap. Check it out!

D365 In Focus - General Data Protection Regulation [VIDEO]

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new European Union regulation that came into effect on May 25, 2018. The objective of this new regulation is to redefine how we capture and process personal data. PowerObjects is committed to ensuring your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data is handled securely and is compliant with GDPR. In today's Dynamics 365 In Focus video, PowerObjects CTO, Marco, answers some frequently asked questions about GDPR and how it impacts our Dynamics 365 customers.

D365 In Focus: Dynamics 365 University [VIDEO]

One of the four pillars at PowerObjects is Education. We know business results depend on rapid adoption and effective usage of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is why we have such a strong focus on training teams to support the technology long term. Our Dynamics 365 University offerings focuses on out-of-the-box features and functionality training to help bring success to your system implementation. When you choose education at PowerObjects, you have a choice to attend a regularly scheduled offering at any of our global training centers, or we can bring a trainer on site to a location of your choice. Watch this D365 In Focus video to learn more about PowerObjects' Dynamics 365 University!

D365 In Focus: The USD Accelerator [VIDEO]

USD (Unified Service Desk) is a fantastic configuration based framework that allows us to create applications that addresses specific needs in contact centers but can sometimes take quite a bit of development time. In today's Dynamics 365 In Focus, Neil explains how the USD Accelerator can provide benefits to your business quicker with standard out of the box configurations. Watch the video to learn more!

D365 In Focus: The Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using ServSmart [VIDEO]

The connected world provides a valuable opportunity for organizations to generate data that can be monitored, analyzed, and acted upon, and there’s simply no denying the positive impact it can have on the Field Service Industry. In today’s episode of Dynamics 365 In Focus, our Field Service Practice Director, Dan Cefaratti, describes how PowerObjects’ ServSmart framework is quickly becoming a must have for manufacturers and aftermarket service providers looking to improve data visibility while reducing costs and providing an unmatched customer experience.

Be Taken With This Action-Packed Trailer for D365 In Focus! [VIDEO]

We're pretty sure you'll be taken with our Dynamics 365 In Focus video series! Watch our trailer and get pumped up for what's coming your way this fall.

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