The Peak Productivity Potential of PowerCopy

Each of PowerObjects’ 30 PowerPack add-ons is designed to fill a functionality gap in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. And in nearly every case, the ideas stem from customer-identified needs. For example, several PowerObjects customers complained about having to leave their Dynamics 365 environments to facilitate an approval process – even though what they were trying to get reviewed and approved had everything to do with Dynamics 365! A few months later we introduced the PowerApproval add-on to close the gap and strengthen the capabilities of Dynamics 365. This illustrates the power of user-generated add-ons and accelerators.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing the story of how PowerCopy came to be. Enjoy!

In simplest terms, PowerCopy allows users to save clicks when creating similar records in an environment. But what drove its invention? Let’s look at the real-life example that prompted us to build it.

One client’s Opportunity record within Dynamics 365 contained 34 different fields. With dozens of inside salespeople creating multiple new Opportunity records daily, they were spending too much time valuing fields and not enough time making phone calls. The thing is, for each salesperson, as many as 20 of the 34 fields contained the exact same information in every new Opportunity they created (e.g., Sales Cycle Stage, Salesperson, Product Type, etc.) Only 10 fields were unique from Opportunity to Opportunity (e.g., Company Name, Estimated Hours, Estimated Close Date, etc.)

This client wanted to enable their salespeople to create duplicate Opportunity records in which 20 of the fields were already valued according to the source record and the other 14 fields remained blank. They asked for our help... and PowerCopy was born! The key to this add-on is it allows users to define customized copy configurations to ensure that only the fields whose values they want duplicated are populated in the new record.

With 30 salespeople creating an average of 15 new Opportunity records a day, they estimate about 9,000 less fields being valued every single day. If users average 3 seconds per field, that’s 27,000 seconds, or 450 minutes… or 7.5 hours – every day. In other words, PowerCopy saves them what amounts to nearly one whole headcount on their inside sales team!

Hopefully, you can see the power and potential of PowerCopy. To learn more about the product, please visit the PowerCopy page on our website or read the PowerCopy blog we published last March. And as always, happy Dynamics 365’ing!

Create Copies of a Record with One Click

If you’ve ever needed to create a copy of a record within Dynamics 365, look no further than the latest add-on from PowerObjects! Indeed, PowerCopy will save loads of time by allowing users to create copies of records in Dynamics 365 with a single click. As with all of our PowerPack add-ons, you can give PowerCopy a free test drive. Check it out!

After importing the PowerCopy add-on and registering for your free, 30-day trial, you’ll want to do a few things:

First, set up a Copy Definition for the record you’d like to copy, so the tool knows which fields you’d like to copy from one record to the next.


Next, add the PowerCopy web resource to the entity you’d like users to be able to create copies of.


Lastly, assign the users security roles.

That’s it! Users can now create copies of a record with a single click. You can take a look at more of our PowerPack add-ons here.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!