PowerObjects' Commitment to Education

What truly differentiates PowerObjects from other Microsoft partners is our deep commitment to training and education. We understand that an organization's success with Dynamics 365 is reliant on strong user adoption and advocacy, which in turn is dependent on focused product and process training as well as effective change management. Watch this video to learn more about our Dynamics 365 education offerings and how PowerObjects can help your organization succeed!

How Manufacturers Take the Challenge Out of Change

Ah, industry challenges! These challenges bind us as a community of like-minded people, they force us to find answers to the difficult questions and they make us stronger.

Without these challenges, we wouldn’t have best practices. We wouldn’t have the innovative technology that simplifies the very complex supply chain operations we handle day to day. Without challenges, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

If you’re in manufacturing, you’re undergoing a fourth industrial revolution. Exciting and groundbreaking technology and automation is causing unprecedented change.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this revolution – which began in response to myriad manufacturing-related challenges – is in turn causing even more challenges. Manufacturers are dealing with an increased pace of technology adoption and having to implement change management globally, all while customer expectations keep growing and room for error continues to shrink.

Smart and intelligent automation – like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Robotics, and Augmented Reality (or Mixed Reality) – is helping manufacturers stay lean and more efficient. Did you know that manufacturers realize an average of a 47% increase in uptime as the result of implementing smart device usage?

There’s no doubt about it: it’s easy to get excited about all that technology can do. But first, it’s critical to have a strategic plan and a solid technology platform that can handle all that the future will bring to bear.

PowerObjects is a leader in delivering Microsoft Business Applications solutions and Dynamics 365 workloads through unparalleled offerings of service, support, education, and add-ons. This powerful platform combined with our unique implementation approach sets the stage for manufacturers to enter the new world of smart manufacturing, delivering new services, optimizing digital operations, and transforming their workforce.

Decoding the Buzzwords at Field Service USA 2019

Last week, the PowerObjects team hit the sandy desert at Field Service USA 2019 with a few goals in mind…

1. Meet fellow Field Service professionals

2. Network and learn from our peers

3. Decode the enormous list of buzzwords in the Field Service industry to help empower our customers to navigate it themselves

Let’s take a quick peek at how well we accomplished each goal:

Meet fellow Field Service professionals

Field Service USA did not disappoint in terms of offering unique and beautiful settings in which to meet and greet other attendees (pictured below). And of course, our PowerObjects Bier Garten Party was the perfect place for attendees to network and, just as importantly, experience fun activities like axe-throwing and sampling local craft beers. Don’t worry… the axe-throwing came before the beer-drinking!

field service usa 2019

Network and learn from our peers

There was a ton to absorb at Field Service USA, with general sessions, deep dive presentations, and 20-minute tech talks. Not only did we teach attendees a thing or two about how to leverage Dynamics 365 technology for Connected Field Service during Bill Kern’s session (pictured below), we learned a whole lot ourselves!

field service usa 2019

Decode the enormous list of buzzwords

The buzzwords were buzzing during each session, at the expo hall, and even in the hallways. Words like augmented or mixed reality, self-aware IoT, and conversational UI were among the cutting-edge phrases mentioned during the conference. Microsoft featured their Dynamics 365 Guides with HoloLens Devices, and the future of field service looks to be an exciting one with recent technology advancements.

There’s no doubt the buzzwords are plentiful, and technology advancements are certainly exciting, but did you know that change management is actually the biggest struggle Field Service organizations are dealing with today? Many of these companies are trying to establish that first step toward transforming their business to an outcome-based service model.

Outcome-based service is the process of evolving a business to the point where making customers and business data its most important assets. Servitization is that additional shift from selling a standalone device to offering solutions that combine product and services. Servitization adds value with services and is of utmost importance in the Field Service industry. The first significant step to getting there is understanding and harnessing data.

field service usa 2019

Well, another successful Field Service USA conference is in the books. If we weren’t able to connect with you at the event, please reach out to us any time to discuss all things Field Service! For more on the Dynamics 365 for Field Service solution from PowerObjects, check out our features and benefits here!

As always, happy Dynamics 365’ing!

D365 In Focus: Does Your Organisation Need Change Management? [VIDEO]

When organisations invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioral changes that employees must make in order for the system to yield a return. In today's D365 In Focus video, Latoya discusses the challenges organizations face when implementing Dynamics 365 and how a PowerObjects custom training can help. Check it out!

Change Management for Dynamics 365

When organizations invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioral changes that employees must make in order for the system to yield a return. PowerObjects combines our Dynamics 365 and certified change management expertise to help organizations navigate this transition.

Since a big part of transformational change management is educating users, PowerObjects applies a structured approach to guide end-users through an implementation as it impacts their role, focusing on the people component of the change effort. With faster and enhanced user adoption, organizations can navigate the transition with less impact to the bottom line.

In this blog, we share a few videos highlighting the importance of change management and the planning process to achieve Dynamics 365 success. You'll also hear from a customer who partnered with PowerObjects to train 600 employees on CRM in a 4-week time frame.

Four Misconceptions About Change Management

In this video, we discuss the four common misconceptions we hear from our prospects, when we talk about Change Management on a Dynamics 365 implementation.

The 3 Tools to Assess Change Readiness

One our certified Change Practitioners, Emily, tells us about three tools PowerObjects uses to assess the readiness of an organization to take on a Dynamics 365 implementation.

Maximize Your Dynamics 365 Investment with a User Readiness Strategy

Change Management & Education Capability Director, Deb, explains how it’s critical to have a user readiness strategy in order to fully maximize your Dynamics 365 investment.

CRM Training in Action: UL’s CRM Customer Success Story

UL worked with PowerObjects to create a CRM training program to launch globally to their 600 sales representatives on a 4 week timeline.

Read the UL case study to learn more about this initiative!

Change Management is just one aspect of Dynamics 365 education that PowerObjects provides. We have created many resources to help users get the most out of CRM, including trainings, how-to videos, webinars, and workshops. We want to ensure that your organization achieves a successful implementation from end to end. Learn more about our education services here.

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Happy Dynamics 365'ing!

D365 In Focus: 3 Tools PowerObjects Uses to Assess Change Readiness [VIDEO]

For a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, a high rate of user adoption is critical. PowerObjects' Change Management Consultants can help you drive user adoption by managing the people side of change and understanding the health of your organization - prior to the start of a project. In this D365 In Focus video, we share 3 tools that PowerObjects uses to assess change readiness. Check it out!

D365 In Focus: 4 Misconceptions About Change Management [VIDEO]

At PowerObjects, we know that your organization's people are your biggest asset. We want to make sure we bring them along on this Microsoft Dynamics 365 journey with us! As change managers, we focus on how your team is going to adapt to new processes and how to make your implementation smoother. In today's Dynamics 365 In Focus video, Sara Jo discusses four common misconceptions we hear from prospects when talking about change management on a Dynamics 365 implementation!

5 Things We Learned at the Digital Transformation for the Modern Manufacturer Round Table

On February 15, PowerObjects met with industry professionals in the Bay Area to discuss the latest in business trends and innovative solutions. We acknowledged challenges in the industry today and explored how companies rise to the challenge to stay connected with customers and employees. Below are the five things we learned:

1. Customer Experience

It's no secret that customers today are forcing companies to re-evaluate customer experience strategies. To thrive in today's economy, successful businesses are re-focusing on superior service through an Omni-channel approach, including self-service capabilities, and empowering agents to surpass standard service levels and have informed and productive interactions with customers.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Companies are leveraging tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 for Sales to develop and cultivate customer relationships. LinkedIn Sales Navigator seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to manage and analyze existing relationships while identifying potential opportunities. Watch our LinkedIn Sales Navigator video here to learn more!

3. Artificial Intelligence (External)

Imagine your company taking a proactive approach to issues, instead of a reactive one. What if you reached out to a customer about correcting product failure before they even knew there was a problem? Artificial intelligence and Connected Field Services are giving companies a chance to predict and analyze products and services, and increase the overall customer experience.

4. Artificial Intelligence (Internal)

AI tools are reshaping the industry, both externally and internally. Tools like Customer Insights provide customer data in real-time with visibility to departments across the company. This allows these businesses to make better data-driven decisions. For example, AI tools deployed on a website or app can observe, learn, analyze and predict prospect behaviors for a sales team to focus effectively on leads based on these AI analytics.

5. Change Management

We learned that change management is not the easiest for companies to define yet one of the biggest challenges they face. It is important for companies to recognize change management is the people side of change. Even the best software implementations can fail if the change management plan is not well thought out (or not thought about at all – yikes). Addressing the impact to employee users helps companies get the most out of their digital transformation investment. PowerObjects employs change practitioners and certified trainers to guide users through Dynamics 365 for an overall successful transition.

For more on round table experience and industry discussion, check out our Digital Transformation PointDrive.

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Happy Dynamics 365'ing!

Q&A: Does Your Company Understand Change Management?

Change Management is an often foreign concept, and yet, everybody thinks they understand it. Successful Change Management practices can save companies tons of time, money, resources, and perhaps most importantly it prevents talent from seeking new employment. Realizing how powerful this practice can be, we talked with one of PowerObjects training and Change Management consultants, Sara Jo Justice, to provide you with some must know Change Management information. If you're seeking these services from PowerObjects, check out more here.

First things first, in three sentences or less, what is Change Management?

Change Management is a process designed to increase the probability of success, acknowledge and address employees resistance to change, build communication practices that support the organizations goals, and support and equip transitions within all levels of a company.

How does implementing Change Management best practices help an organization?

Change Management effectiveness is driven by employees adopting and using the system to drive the organization's KPIs and goals. Without effective Change Management, organizations will not have a way to plan for and measure the results that they are looking to achieve.

ROI on Change Management is difficult to definitively label, but it's consistently shown to be effective. What is the number one metric (quantitative or qualitative) that an organization should look to for proof of positive ROI?

True ROI in Change Management is understanding the Ultimate Utilization of the project implementation. Part of the process is having an organization "define" what success looks like to their organization at the beginning of a project so that they can truly measure through adoption, feedback, project performance, and readiness assessments if they have met their project objectives.

How do Change Management consultants differ from a business analyst? Don't business analysts already look at organizational impacts of a project?

While both roles are critical to the success of a project, the Change Management consultant will really be focused on the significance of the change from current state to future stage. Based upon this change, communication, training, and resistance strategies are developed.

What's the most common Change Management mistake you see businesses make?

Starting the Change Management and communication discussions too late in the game. By the time they realize there is an adoption problem, a lot of the "damage" may have already been done. People like to hear what is going on early and often.

What's the most common misconception of Change Management?

"We don't need Change Management, because everyone is excited for this change." Even when an organization is looking at an improvement to their current status quo, that doesn't mean there won't be bumps in the road. Every individual has a different attitude toward change because resistance doesn't occur in a vacuum. Employee personal lives, their career plans, the degree to which the change affects them, and their history with change … their perspective can vary greatly!

Last, but not least: why do you love being a Change Management consultant for PowerObjects?

There is a great amount of personal satisfaction that comes from not simply tossing someone a manual and telling them what they need to do, but rather, helping an individual see how their day-to-day activities impact their organization's ability to see success. Helping everyone see that they are an important part of the whole is better than just a "lightbulb" moment; it is tantamount to a "giant spotlight" moment.

Have questions about training or Change Management services through PowerObjects? Our expert trainers, including Sara Jo, are on standby. Contact us!

Happy Dynamics 365'ing!

The CRM Minute: Change Management - The People Side of Dynamics 365 [VIDEO]

A critical part of deploying Dynamics 365 is what is referred to as Change Management. It's the "people part" of implementing Dynamics 365. In today's episode of The CRM Minute, we'll hear from Gretchen, our Director of Education, how the PowerObjects team of certified Change Management trainers can make your Dynamic 365 deployments more successful.

Is your organization ready to get started? Our team can do a workshop with you that lays out all of the best practices, communication, and training needed to help you make a plan. We can also assess your organizations readiness to do change management. Our goal is for you to build your change management capability. Reach out to your PowerObjects representative about how to incorporate change management strategy into your deployment!

Happy Dynamics 365'ing!

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