Dear Joe CRM: Can I use the AssureSign integration with Dynamics 365 anywhere in the world?

Dear Joe CRM, I've been hearing a lot about the integration between Dynamics 365 and AssureSign. I love the concept of digital signatures on documents that can easily be stored in our CRM. Here's the catch. Our company does business world-wide. Will AssureSign work, and be legally binding, in multiple countries?

Still Signing in Singapore

Dear Still Signing,

Great question! Here at PowerObjects we use AssureSign for all our e-signing needs. We use it for everything from sending change requests internally to sending service agreements to our customers. Since we are a little bit obsessed with CRM, we really love its integration with Dynamics 365, because it allows us to grab data from CRM and pop it right into AssureSign documents. Kind of like a magic genie for CRM! Then on the flip side, signers are able to enter information directly onto the form that can be pushed back into CRM. Pretty slick feature, huh?

But I digress, the AssureSign solution does work in every country, which is great news! All it takes is a little work on the back end. AssureSign's support team will enable the ability to modify legal terms to match that country's e-signature regulation policy. While the awesome support staff at AssureSign is awesome at helping you get everything ready to rock, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few guidelines for your region. Here are a few quick hits:

AssureSign signed documents are acceptable as valid signatures under these referenced rules and for the document types not explicitly unsupported per these rules. It probably goes without saying, but it's a good idea to make sure your documents receive a full legal review to make sure they are binding. Joe CRM is all about security!

To learn more about the international capabilities of AssureSign and Dynamics 365, join us for a webinar on February 22 to see how PowerObjects enabled their sales team to spend less time sending, and more time selling by implementing AssureSign's Electronic Signature Software. In this webinar you'll learn how PowerObjects uses AssureSign within Dynamics 365 to improve the customer experience to sign any document, from anywhere, and on any device. Get a little preview of the webinar by checking out this video here and remember to register today!

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The CRM Minute: AssureSign and Dynamics 365 Work Together Like Magic [VIDEO]

Are you in sales? Are you overwhelmed with keeping track of your documents? Are you sending contracts to multiple countries and about to lose your mind with all the currencies and tax information to keep track of? Well, today we solve all those problems and more with a little CRM integration for Dynamics 365 called AssureSign. Hear from Liz and Kyle as they show you what AssureSign can do for your sales processes and your sanity.

As you can see, streamlining your sales process within Dynamics 365 is easy with AssureSign. Discover how PowerObjects enabled their sales team to spend less time sending, and more time selling by implementing AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software in our upcoming webinar. You’ll learn how PowerObjects uses AssureSign within Dynamics 365 to:

Liz and Kyle will be joined by Michelle Cloninger and Anna McDonald of AssureSign to answer all of your questions. And if you can't make the webinar, don't sweat it! A recording of the webinar will be published on our website for anyone who can’t attend. Register for the webinar and we’ll send you a follow-up email with a link to the recorded presentation. That way you can watch it when it’s convenient for you! REGISTER NOW!

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