Definitions of 'Append' and 'Append To' in Dynamics CRM

Before we dig into just what Append and Append To mean, let's review how security roles work in CRM. CRM comes with fifteen default security roles and one root Business Unit. These security roles grant various levels of access for a variety of roles, ranging from Customer Service Representatives to Vice Presidents to System Administrators.

In CRM, security roles are cumulative, meaning that one user may have one or more security roles. If a user has two or more security roles, these roles will layer on top of one another and the user will be granted the fullest access and privileges across the roles. Once in a user record, System Administrators may add security roles to users by clicking on the 'manage roles' button in the command bar and selecting which roles to apply to that particular user.

A security role is three dimensional and answers the following questions:

Definitions of 'Append' and 'Append To' in Dynamics CRM

Security roles best practices:

Do not use the out of the box security roles. Wait. What? Why?

Okay, now what is Append and Append To all about?

Since Append and Append To are already configured in the out of the box CRM security roles, you may never need to be concerned with their exact meaning. But if you're inquisitive about all things CRM or modifying security roles…

Append and Append To work as a pair and are located next to one another in the security configuration window. However, it is not as simple as working left to right along a row. One way of thinking conceptually about Append and Append To is to think of 'Append Me' and 'Append Me To What'.

Here's the big secret: Think 'Append Me' and 'Append Me to What'

In order to successfully append record A to record B, the security privileges must be set to allow both sides of the agreement. Consider the following metaphor, Append 'knocks on the door' of another entity and Append To is needed to 'open the door' to that entity. For example, from the Opportunity form, a user can select a related Account in a lookup field as long as the user’s security role has rights to Append the Opportunity entity and the rights to Append To the Account entity.

If you had not granted Append privileges to the Opportunity, the lookup fields on the Opportunity form would be read only.

If you had only granted Append privileges to the Opportunity, but not Append To on the Account, this would have caused a ‘business process error’ when you tried to select the Account on the Opportunity form.

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