Sending PDFs for E-signatures in Dynamics CRM

Every organization has different ways of dealing with document management, and in particular how they handle signing documents. In today's digital age, where you may not even be in the same country as the person you are doing business with, e-signatures are a fast and convenient alternative to signing hard copy documents with pen.

For organizations in search of a way to integrate e-signatures in Dynamics CRM, Adobe EchoSign is a good option. It stands out because of its inexpensive entry price and some of the cool options available if you need some additional functionality.

EchoSign installs as a managed solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The setup and configuration is pretty straightforward. Enter your company name, the EchoSign API key, license key and a few other items and the solution is good to go! e-signatures in dynamics CRM

Once everything is configured, you can access the EchoSign solution under Workplace.

You will find a simple interface with an Overview, an Agreements area and a Dashboard.

Sending new agreements is as simple as choosing your recipients, the PDF document you would like to have signed, and a short message.

The user will receive an email from you with instructions and a hyperlink to the document.

The recipient simply clicks the provided link and signs the document. A copy of the signed document is sent to the original sender and the recipient automatically. At the same time, the agreement in CRM is updated with a PDF attached copy of the "Sent" agreement and the "Signed" agreement!

NOTE: The "Automatic Update" of the signed status is only available for CRM instances that are either online or on-premise with IFD/ADFS enabled and fully accessible from outside of your organization's network. However, if your CRM isn't accessible from outside the network, you can still click the Update button (as long as you have internet access) to manually initiate the update process.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this CRM add-on, but if you are looking for an e-signature component to add to your CRM implementation, Adobe EchoSign may fit the bill.

Happy CRM'ing!

Why Email Marketing is More Important Than Ever: Adobe Campaign & Microsoft Dynamics 365

It's hard to believe the first email ever sent was nearly 47 years ago on June 8, 1971. This channel of communication has undergone massive change over the years. Email marketing has exploded, ushering in an entirely new industry in digital marketing technology. Businesses continually look for ways to enhance their digital footprint and reach their customers with a personalized, compelling story, and the momentum behind email marketing shows no signs of slowing down. Adobe reported at the end of 2017, over 150 billion emails were sent with Adobe Campaign. For the fifth consecutive year, Adobe was recognized as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management report. Needless to say, email is still king!

A marketing department's mission is to engage prospects. Success of that objective is achieved by unlocking email marketing's full potential. The key is great content. Great content sells better than a great deal in business-to-business selling. Analysis of email marketing campaigns consistently shows 90% of emails with call to action text "more info" wins over call to action text like "try me now" or "buy now." What does this tell us? B2B buyers are seeking to be educated.

When businesses are shopping, they typically have problems, they need to fix those problems, and need to know if you can fix it. Effective email marketing messaging follows these powerful steps. To educate, provide the solution and the necessary credentials. This formula, when implemented in a timely fashion to individuals seeking to solve a problem, can be and is incredibly effective. However, messaging alone doesn't close the loop. CEOs are looking for an ROI. Where are the dollars going and how can resources be fine-tuned? The allocation of marketing dollars needs to be a science not an art.

Enter Sandman – AKA Dynamics 365

A CRM platform plays a critical role in personalization and segmentation of the message as well as the prompt action from the individuals "reading the tea leaves" of data provided by marketing technology to close out the engagement. This is the secret sauce! The integration of the messaging with the master database and life blood of the sales organization, CRM. The integration of Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365 makes this possible. The bi-directional sync of this information and mirroring each database was the first step to this end and empowers sales. This connection is the first step to true ROI.

Here we stand, a year later, Adobe Summit 2017 in the rear-view mirror, and Adobe Summit 2018 is just around the bend. Version 1.0 of the integration accomplished quite a bit. What improvements might we expect a year later? Well, Joe D365 has seen the Road Map and I'm here to tell you exciting developments are inbound! Stay tuned!

Series to return in April post-Summit 2018.

Headed to Adobe Summit 2018? Let us know – we'd love to connect! PowerObjects will be at the Microsoft and HCL booths showcasing the Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing solution.

Happy Dynamics 365'ing!