Dynamics 365 Team Member Licenses Lock Down

Microsoft recently announced that for Dynamics 365 Team Member licenses purchased during or after October 2018, license-based access will restrict users to a set of designated app modules: Customer Service Team Member, Sales Team Member, and Project Resource Hub. Users with these Team Member licenses will no longer be able to access the Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub, or custom app modules.

During the early access phase (Wave 1 release), users with Team Member licenses will be able to preview the designated app modules mentioned above alongside all existing apps in a Sandbox org. Once license enforcement is turned on in April 2020, unentitled apps – such as Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub, and custom apps – will no longer be accessible.

To enable the early access preview, follow the steps below:

Go to a Sandbox environment. Select Manage in the Updates box.

Click <Update now>.

Once all the Wave 1 release content has been completed, go into your Sandbox environment.

Under My apps on the top left, you will see that the Sales Team Member designated application is accessible to preview.

For any additional questions about Wave 1, please reference this Microsoft document: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2020wave1/

Additional information regarding the Team Member license lock down can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2020wave1/dynamics365-sales/license-enforcement-users-new-team-member-licenses

Notes and Links Feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central Online

One of the helpful features in on-premises versions of Business Central that has recently been brought to the online version is the addition of a notes and links option to the FactBox pane. In this post we’ll go over a few scenarios where this might be helpful.

Link on a list page 

Perhaps a client calls asking about various product prices and you want your salespeople to have a quick way to pull up your company’s client-facing inventory page. By adding a link to your item list, you can pull up what the client is currently seeing on their screen and discuss options.

Link on an item card 

Using the same example above, the client has now decided which item they would like to purchase but has a couple questions about the wording of the item description online. A link on the item card will promptly get you to the same page that the customer is looking at on their end.

Note + Link on an item card 

Perhaps the client is looking at buying a specific product that your company is actively trying to phase out. You can attach a note to that item signaling to your salesperson that they should try to steer the customer toward your newer offering. To add a note, click on Attachments in the FactBox pane or use the Alt+O shortcut. Then add a link to the newer item above so that the salesperson can quickly pull up the information on that item.

Note on a customer card 

Another useful example for adding a note could be for customers who are chronically late payers. Perhaps add a note to let your AR department know to follow up immediately when any invoice for the customer in question goes past due. Also, let your salespeople know to make sure there are no past due invoices before proceeding with the current sale.

One thing to mention on records with multiple notes - the most recent note will always appear at the top of your list so if you would like the note to your AR department to appear at the top you’d have to enter it after the note to your salespeople.

To summarize 

There are many other places where you could add a quick note that might help to move things along more efficiently. Some of them are sales orders (let everyone know that this is a VIP customer and the sale is top priority), sales invoices (add a note explaining why the customer was given a 10% discount), purchase orders (you only received half of the shipment up front because there was no room for the rest in your warehouse), etc. These are all situations where someone might needlessly be spending time going desk to desk looking for answers. Or as in our previous examples, your salesperson might be endlessly looking for that one item online that your client already has up on their screen, when they could be closing the sale. Notes and links can help put a stop to that frustration.

Hope this helps! Be sure to subscribe to our blog and happy Business Central’ing!

Find the Right PowerPack Add-on For Your Organization [VIDEO]

Developed based on the needs and feedback from our customers, our PowerPack Add-Ons streamline and automate business processes, to empower organizations to leverage the core functionality of their Dynamics 365 environment. Whether you are looking to automate you marketing processes, or increase productivity in your CRM, PowerPack Add-Ons by PowerObjects can help any organization get the most out of their Dynamics 365 investment. Watch this video to hear from some of our customers about the value PowerPack has added to their organizations.

Delivering World-Class Customer Service in the Capital Markets Industry

Excellent customer service can be seen in so many different lights that businesses can get dizzy contemplating them all. For example, maybe you’re more inclined to think that helpful and caring people create the best experience for your customers. Or perhaps you think providing a more self-service model is really what your customers want and appreciate from your business. Some customers will gladly sacrifice speed for 100% accuracy, whereas others prioritize immediacy above all else. Is quality more important than efficiency? And where does cost fit into the picture?

Dizzying indeed. But one thing’s for sure: no matter what your approach is to customer service, it’s an absolute cornerstone to your business that cannot be ignored – one that can truly differentiate you from the competition for better or worse. And that’s true across all industries.

Let’s look at the Capital Markets industry as an example. It is evolving faster than most organizations can even keep up with. Investment opportunities are everywhere and the on-demand generation we live in means immediate, real-time service must be available – around the clock and around the world.

The ability to offer a broad range of investment options tailored to your clients’ individual needs is the foundation of creating a great relationship. You need to provide a clear summary view of their portfolio while offering trusted, sound advice on additional investments.

In order to provide that big picture view to your clients, you need access to tools that pull together a complex, multifaceted environment. It’s not just about integrating systems; it’s about delivering that best possible experience to your clients.

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution from PowerObjects enables financial services firms to work cohesively across the entire organization to develop deeper client relationships, maximize client value, and deliver world-class customer service.

Built on Dynamics 365, PowerCapital is a custom solution designed by Capital Markets experts based on years of experience within the industry. PowerCapital accelerates the time to market for Dynamics 365 implementations by leveraging the Microsoft technology stack: Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, Azure, Power Platform, AI, Machine Learning, Microsoft One Common Data Layer, and the innovative Microsoft Cloud Platform. It is based on nine fully developed Capital Markets user personas that drive the navigation, forms, and views needed for each user interface across an organization.

Learn more about PowerCapital and PowerObjects’ approach to delivering world-class customer service, no matter what the world throws your way!

Streamlining the Kelly Roofing Process with PowerApps [video]

One of Florida’s largest roofers, Kelly Roofing is a long-time PowerObjects client that uses Dynamics 365 for Field Service as the backbone of their company. As pleased as they are with their CRM solution, they needed to further streamline their process in a way that was outside the scope of Dynamics 365. Attaching job site photographs to the proper client records inside CRM was an arduous manual process that involved way too many data transfers and far too much time – so, they desired a solution that would automatically transfer photos taken at each job site to the document library associated with the client record in Dynamics 365. PowerObjects designed a single-click PowerApps-based mobile app that does exactly that. But we didn’t stop there – ultimately, the app evolved into something much more robust than simply a photo-sorting tool. Check out the story…

Solution Spotlight: The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation [VIDEO]

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (Birkie), which was once known as a small ski event, has evolved into North America’s largest cross-country ski race. The event has become such a big attraction that over the years, Birkie has added other races including events for running and biking. As their number of race participants has continued to grow, Birkie needed a solution to effectively streamline and automate their Wave Placement process for ski racers during registration. Watch our Solution Spotlight to see how we helped Birkie eliminate their paper spreadsheets and embed their Wave Placement algorithm and logic into a Microsoft Dynamics 365 plug-in!

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation: Event Management with Dynamics 365 [VIDEO]

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (Birkie), which was once known as a small ski event, has evolved into North America’s largest cross-country ski race. The event has become such a big attraction that over the years, Birkie has added other races including events for running and biking. With the help of PowerObjects, The American Birkebeiner Association rolled out Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Marketing. With 42 years of historical data to use, data management was one of the biggest challenges they faced as an organization, and the functionality within Dynamics 365 allowed their staff to communicate more efficiently, handle high-volume registrations, and manage event planning. Watch their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Success Story to see their journey in action!

D365 In Focus: The PowerObjects Experience at D365UG Summit 2017 [VIDEO]

PowerObjects had boots on the ground in Nashville for the annual D365UG Summit. The PowerObjects team of over 20 representatives presented at over 16 sessions, gave away 1,500 D365 hoodies, and sported one GIANT D365 sign at our booth. From photo ops to classroom chats, see how our week went in this episode of Dynamics 365 In Focus.

Solution Spotlight: Planes, Trains, and .... Aerial Lift Trucks?! PowerSuccess Helps ETI Track Rentals with Dynamics 365 [VIDEO]

This edition of the Solution Spotlight features PowerSuccess customer, ETI. Dustin, ETI's PowerSuccess Engineer, discusses how he helped ETI track their equipment in CRM, so they could see what customers have rented equipment form them, what they charge them for that rental, and the duration of the rental. See how he helped them find a solution here:

ETI is a company made up of 300 manufacturing, engineering, and service professionals who manufacture aerial lift trucks for a variety of industries. The solution that PowerSuccess Engineer Dustin created in Dynamics 365, will allow ETI to know which pieces of equipment they have rented out to customers and which pieces of equipment they have on hand to rent out to new customers. This Solution Spotlight illustrates the unique business problems that the PowerObjects team is ready to tackle with Dynamics 365. To learn more about the various ways that PowerObjects has helped businesses succeed, check out more customer success stories here.

Happy CRM'ing!

The CRM Minute: Power Up with Microsoft PowerApps [VIDEO]

Microsoft Power Apps is great new tool that lets you create custom mobile apps without any coding or development experience. With an easy-to-use interface and existing Microsoft functions, you can configure your app in a snap! Hear from Genya, our Office 365 guru, about all that Power Apps can do you for in this installment of The CRM Minute.

For a deeper dive into PowerApps, join Genya for a POTV live webcast event where he'll cover the Power Apps UI, how to build a basic PowerApp, how to connect to a custom data source, and how to trigger an action with Microsoft Flow. You'll learn all this and more and ask Genya questions LIVE. Register today!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - So easy you can get yourself in trouble!

I want to make a quick post today to talk about building Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems. This robust platform makes it fast and easy to build a sales force automation system. You can build your custom processes leveraging workflows. You can do more robust features using Plugins and custom ASPX pages. Bottom-line Microsoft Dynamics CRM give you a platform to build a system quickly. In some cases too quickly. As we work with organizations and help mentor teams we see organizations jumping into development too quickly, they start building entities and attributes before they understand how data will move through their process.

PowerObjects teaches their consultants to model the business process, make sure they have identified the entities and attributes needed by the organization before they start to build the system. It is easy to build entities and attributes, but take the time to make sure you have defined the right entities and the right relationships and you have collected the correct attributes to manage your process.

That's it, that's the tip for the day. Start your project by modeling the business process, not creating entities and attributes. By taking the time to understand the entities and attributes, how they relate and how data will move through the system you will have the foundation in place to build the system quickly and correctly the first time. You will understand your system, you will have already out line what processes require training and what out puts the system will have.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for development


I get the CRMlady's newsletter from time to time - Anne always has great info and great advice, and she sometimes talks development!  You can signup to recieve her email here http://www.crmlady.com/

We work with clients all the time doing sales and marketing automation projects, but always have a tough time letting people know about the benefits of using CRM and a development platform for line of business applications - We had a post a week or so ago that addressed the same topic https://powerobjects.com/blog/2008/11/06/net-development-powerobjects-things-to-consider/

In Anne's newletter she gives 5 reasons to use CRM for development that rings true and is worth sharing - here is her text

Five reasons for using the Dynamics CRM framework for development as opposed to just writing it all from scratch.

1. You don't have to program, design, and write the sophisticated: enterprise and SMB flexible security role system. CRM offers both a Team Security framework and a Business Unit framework.
2. You don't have to program, design, and write the sophisticated: toolkit for  managing the core relationship data including bulk edit, delete vs. deactivate, and convert from prospect to client.
3. You don't have to program, design, and write the sophisticated: integration solution to Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel.  CRM has a very sophisticated tie to Outlook, Word and Excel.
4. You can focus all your development effort on the industry specific niche needs of your client.
5. You will have resources and potential funds for extra development effort for seemless integration with other company applications.

Have a great week!