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The Future of AI and Data Analytics is Bright with Microsoft’s Power Platform

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The Future of AI and Data Analytics is Bright with Microsoft’s Power Platform

If you look at the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics over the past few years, it’s astounding the leaps and bounds technology has advanced.

Let’s start with Power BI- this tool is not just advanced reporting anymore. It now integrates so deeply within Power Apps and Power Automate (Formerly Microsoft Flow) that it can be used as a complex data model where bringing in data from multiple sources makes sense, creates insight, and actually drives action. Microsoft’s tagline of “Turn insights into actions” is truer than it’s ever been and has even evolved into “Turning data into opportunity”. Oh, so poetic.

Microsoft Flow is now Power Automate and leverages robotics process automation (RPA). In addition to the name change, Power Automate now extends automation capabilities so that even if one of your systems isn’t modern enough to have an Application Programming Interface (API), you can still integrate with it and set up UI flows. With this capability, you can enable anyone to automate manual business process across all your on-premises and cloud applications or services.

This past year, Power Apps has been a game-changer for many of our customers. What once were logistical nightmares have been turned into unforeseen efficiencies and time savings.

Yes, times they are a changing and we are there to help!

Join PowerObjects’ Power Platform practice director Venkat Rao for further review of the latest updates to the 3 key components of Power Platform: PowerApps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

In this Webinar, Power Platform: Limitless Innovation with PowerObjects, Venkat will walk you through Power Platform capabilities through the example of a traveling salesperson working with intelligent new applications that realize the dreams of “insights into actions” and “data into opportunity.”

Venkat manages a team of very talented people at PowerObjects who build all sorts of creative and cost-effective Power Platform solutions for our customers and take digital transformation and customer experience to a whole new level.

By Kieran Patel

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