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The CRM Minute: Make the Move to the Cloud [VIDEO]

The CRM Minute: Make the Move to the Cloud [VIDEO]


Nobody likes navigating multiple contracts, companies, partners, and payments. It’s frustrating when you don’t know who to contact for support. Instead of having all of your information scattered in different places with different people, you can now consolidate all your needs in one place with PowerObjects' Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects cloud solution provider program. This solution bundles your CRM licenses, solution, support, education, and more—all with the #1 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in the world.

No matter where you are in your Dynamics CRM journey – whether you have bought your licenses or are looking to buy them, with Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects you will get more out of your investment. A partnership with PowerObjects means you will always have access to a dedicated team who gets you, your needs, and your solution. PowerObjects will be able to manage all of your Microsoft CRM needs, and can deliver, manage, and support your Microsoft Cloud subscriptions. From service, to support, to billing – your CRM and Microsoft Cloud solutions are taken care of by PowerObjects.

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Hi, I'm Cecilie. I'm here to tell you about our Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects program, also known as CSP. What is CSP? CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider. It's a really fancy name for selling Microsoft online services. Why go online? With Microsoft online services, you can access your information from anywhere, your Excel, your OneNote, your CRM, your SharePoint. You can access them from home, from business, on the go, on your tablet or mobile device. Read More

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