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PowerPack in Action – Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


PowerPack in Action – Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

While our marketing department is sending out newsletters promoting an upcoming training webinar, I'm more interested in how they are doing this. (The message is cool, but how they are using tools that enhance marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is even cooler.)

You may have recently received our PowerObjects Newsletter. We send this out every 3 to 4 weeks to keep customers, leads and prospects update on what we are doing at PowerObjects and help the community get more value from their CRM.

This might seem like a simple task of sending out a newsletter, but let's take a closer look at what actually has to happen.

Sending the Message

We need to know who we are targeting. This can be done using CRM out of the box to create a dynamic marketing list. Once you know who you are targeting you want to send them a nice branded e-mail message. See image below.

While you can create a HTML message inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM it's not a great environment for created a HTML e-mail. Also sending a large number of e-mails from Microsoft Dynamics CRM can get your domain and IP black listed causing a high bounce rate and low delivery rate. The marketing team wants more than just high delivery. They want to know opens, and click through rates.

To do this our e-mail messages are sent out using powerMailChimp. This gives the team robust HTML e-mail, allows us to use our Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing list and track opens, and click through.

Tracking the Traffic

You just received a message form PowerObjects… what was interesting to you? Our marketing team wants to know what pages you visited, did you visit more than one page and how much time did you spend on each page. This helps the team fine tune our message; create quality content and great value for our customers. To know what web pages are most popular and how much time is spent on each web page the team is using powerWebTraffic. This will take information from the e-mail, contact and page that were visited and allow the marketing team to analyze what is working and what is not. This data is available to the team in detail, rolled up daily or detail of the lead/contact.

Call to Action

The team sent you a message, tracked what was opened and clicked, related all the web traffic back to the contact or lead and now wants a call to action. They would like you to attend a webinar on how to get value from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is done with a landing page. This is landing pages 101. See image below. It has a simple bullet points and benefits along with the call to action, i.e., submit the web form. The landing page is created right in our web site. We don't have to jump out to another site to build our landing page, or try and get our format into another site. The team simple used powerWebForm (along with powerWebTraffic) to build the landing page.

Now if the customer submits the form and response to the call to action the marketing team gets this data right in CRM. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow kicks off sending an e-mail and allows additional follow up. The form is mapped to a specific entity and all the data is captured. It's very easy to build workflows that are triggered by the various data captured in the form.

Marketing is Happy

The marketing team is now happy they have successfully managed the leads and contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send a monthly newsletter; they tracked the quality of the content and are able to identify what is of interest to our customers and prospects. They have important information on web traffic and they successfully managed a landing page with a call to action all from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As I said in the beginning, the marketing team is happy they sent a successful newsletter, I'm excited about how they did it using: powerMailChimp, powerWebTraffic and powerWebForm. Three simple add-ons that allowed the team to get more value out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

If you're not getting value out of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, take a look at some of the powerPack add-ons, it will make your marketing team a "happy team".

Happy CRM'ing

By Maria Valley

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