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Multiple Triggers on a Logic App Workflow: Limitations and a Different Approach


Multiple Triggers on a Logic App Workflow: Limitations and a Different Approach

As you may know, all logic app workflows start with triggers followed by actions. A trigger in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that defines the calls that can initiate a logic app workflow may have more than one trigger in a workflow. With that in mind, here is an explanation of the limitations you may face, as well as an alternative approach.

Definition: Maximum number of triggers in a workflow is 10.

"triggers": {

Trigger 1,

Trigger 2,


Trigger 10,


Example: In this example, the workflow has two triggers. They are:

  • When an activity is created
  • When an activity is updated

logic app workflow

Limitations: There are limitations when a workflow has more than one trigger.

1. Logic App Designer won't work. In the example below, it is selected but it displays code view:

logic app workflow

2. Logic App Run won't show. Message displays as below. Run Details has a summary but not details (inputs and outputs of each action and flow).

logic app workflow

A Different Approach: In Logic App Designer, there is an option called Nested Logic Apps. Using this feature, we can accomplish our goal.

1. Create a logic app with HTTP Request (Child) – this has all actions.

logic app workflow

2. Create a logic app with Create Trigger (Parent)

  • This logic app just has a trigger and action to call the HTTP Request logic app created in Step 1.
  • Based on the response, we may have more actions on this logic app, if needed. For example:

logic app workflow

3. Create logic app with Update Trigger (Parent)

  • This just has a trigger to call the above HTTP Request logic app.
  • Example:

logic app workflow

Make sense? Hopefully this help! For more Dynamics 365 tips and tricks be sure to subscribe to our blog!

Happy Dynamics 365'ing!

By Kieran Patel

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