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JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords


JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords

 If you've ever worked in, or even been around marketing people, you will quickly realize our penchant for using the latest buzzword. That makes sense when you consider that marketing is all about generating buzz. If you're unfamiliar with the latest jargon marketing people are using, here is a list of 9 marketing buzzwords complete with definitions. If you are a marketer, try to see how many of these you use daily.

 If you look into Dynamics CRM and its connected marketing solutions, you'll spot some of these in practice. Buzzwords have more meaning when they're driving real measurable results.


Native Advertising

What it means: Paid media that is designed to follow the form and function of the hosting platform, which ensures a natural user experience.

In a statement: I found a great new way to reach our audience! Native advertising. All we have to do is create content in the same way as (insert publisher). People will see our content and think we are amazing!

Native advertising is a form of paid media that is growing in popularity. There are some questions about how users feel about the practice though. Some may feel deceived when they realize a story was sponsored, but brands maintain it's clearly labeled.

Spotted: Putting native advertising into your campaign plans in Dynamics Marketing can accelerate awareness. Add it to your media plan and track ROI back to closed opportunities in CRM. And did you know you can approve content, distribute for review and mark-up files in Dynamics Marketing too?

JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords



What it means: Create a positive consumer experience by putting consumers at the center of your brand or business strategy.

In a statement: If we implement customer-centricity into our company culture we will beat our competition!

Customer-centricity is really the way businesses should have always operated. Instead of asking what the ROI will be, the questions are now being centered on what will best benefit the users.

Spotted: With CRM integrated with Dynamics Marketing, your customer-centricity comes to life by treating your audience (prospects - > customers - > raving fans) with campaign content that meets their need, wherever they are in the buyer's journey. This means multi-step, multi-channel campaigns in Dynamics Marketing that adapt to people's behaviors.

JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords

Social Learning

What it means: Learning through social influences rather than behaviorally or on-the-job.

In a statement: If we include social learning in our training plan for new employees our on-boarding process will work more quickly.

Social learning is relatively new. There have always been mentors and groups, but today the role of consuming content to deepen your knowledge base is growing. Social learning provides a way for people to learn skills that may not directly impact their day-to-day, but will build out a knowledge base.

Spotted: Set up your search topics in Microsoft Social Engagement to track social sentiment and trendsetters. If you haven't tried Social Engagement to do social learning, there's no telling what you're missing.


Brand Storytelling

What it means: Your brand is telling your story to your target market.

In a statement: Our users are compelled by stories. It would be wise to incorporate brand storytelling, so they fully understand our brand.

Brands are realizing they have a brand story to tell users. This is leading to more successful marketing efforts, especially with the new technologies that users can leverage.

Spotted: Knowing your market means having data-driven insight, which is fueled by CRM. Building personas using demographic, digital behavior, purchase history and more is a powerful way to build stories that matter.

JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords

Conversation Marketing

What it means: Using new messaging technologies to have conversations directly with consumers.

In a statement: Conversation marketing is the next great evolution in how we reach and interact with our target demo. We need to leverage Kik!

The popularity of messaging apps with the younger audience is responsible for this term. It is not to be confused with engagement marketing, this is a completely different way of reaching an audience. Kik introduced promoted chats, which have seen great return.

Spotted: Adapting to new conversations shouldn't mean losing sight of conversations and business results. Tie your campaigns and results back to CRM via its open integration platform and be ready to make the business case for the next big trend in Conversation Marketing.


Culture of Content

What is means: An organizational structure, or focus, that allows a business to create high-quality, timely, and original content.

In a statement: There's too much bureaucracy around here. We need a culture of content to truly be successful.

Thanks to the Altimeter report "A Culture of Content" marketers have been using this term to help create a more easily navigable framework for success. Bureaucracy is the enemy of successful content marketing.

Spotted: Use Dynamics Marketing to organize the work of the marketing team around content, then track results back to CRM. A culture of content built around measuring results will help keep the team focused and thriving.

JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords


Dynamic Content

What is means: Tailoring different content pieces on your website based on who is looking at it.

In a statement: Our homepage should feature some dynamic content to better target key demographic segments.

Technology and data can allow sophisticated marketers to completely tailor the experience on their website based on set criteria. Personalization yields greater returns, so dynamic content will continue to skyrocket in importance.

Spotted: Dynamics Marketing can do dynamic content in emails and CRM can provide the raw materials for a data-driven content approach.

JoeCRM's Top Marketing Buzzwords


Customer Relationship Content Management

What it means: Seamless integration of managing customer relationships and content.

In a statement: Customers are interacting with all of our content. We need seamless customer relationship content management to ensure that we are being as productive as possible across disciplines.

I've only seen this one very recently, but I think it captures a very important idea. This really speaks to the complete integration that can happen across all marketing disciplines while being integrated company-wide. Leveraging technology to improve a business.

Spotted: If Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy first and a technology second, then "CRCM" is no different. Build your content strategy around a true understanding of customers, and use CRM to guide the content roadmap to match the levers for results. Is a particular video or interactive asset unlocking more conversions? Then your customers are sending you a signal that your content is making a difference.



What is means: A message sent through the Snapchat.

In a statement: All the cool kids snap, so let's target them.

Snap is used as a verb much the way "tweet" is used for Twitter. It also has a very clear age separation. I haven't met a single person under 25 that doesn't use Snapchat. I've only met a few over that age using the app.

Spotted: Snap is popular with a particular age group today, but who knows what will be next for the markets you're serving? Identify trends in your industry segment in Microsoft Social Engagement, get visibility to campaign effectiveness in Dynamics Marketing, and see how your channels are moving the needle with results tracking via CRM. The full solution will help you stay on top of the next big thing.


That's our list. I'm sure there are terms missing and controversy abound. Is there a word that we missed? What buzzword are you most tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments below. If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM), make sure to check out our main page! Or listen in to our MDM webinar: CRM for the CMO!

Happy CRM'ing!

By Maria Valley

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