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CRM 2011 Help Menu Unavailable when you configure IFD


CRM 2011 Help Menu Unavailable when you configure IFD

We recently ran into an issue where the CRM 2011 help menu would display the error Internet Explorer cannot display the page, once we configured IFD.

This is a known issue by Microsoft and they will be releasing a fix in an upcoming rollup.

The workaround below is what we used to resolve the issue:


* please perform the database backup and perform the steps below:


select helpserverurl from configsettings

Update configsettings
Set helpserverurl = ''


Happy CRM'ing

By Maria Valley

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5 comments on “CRM 2011 Help Menu Unavailable when you configure IFD”

  1. Very helpful post; thank you. Fixed our problem. We have CRM 2011 on prem with IFD and Update Rollup 3. Help files were not displaying at all. I deleted the data in the field suggested above and it fixed my problem completely.

    - Bravo!

  2. I just loaded CRM 2011 IFD and updated with Update Rollup 6 and still experienced the help page issue. The database was, indeed, hardcoded to the internal servername. I updated to '' as in the fix above (that's two single quotes). Thanks!

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