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3 Things Every Sales Dashboard Should Have

3 Things Every Sales Dashboard Should Have

One of the most easily customizable features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the Dashboards function. They are fun, insightful, and can be tailored to your personal business needs. An entire book could be written on dashboards – their many customizable features, functionality, uses, and strategic importance. But when it comes to making those high-reaching sales goals, there are certain entities that can help every sales person stay focused on the goal – selling more product! In this blog, we will cover three things every sales dashboard should display – goal attainment, opportunities in the pipeline, and total sales so far for the fiscal year.

PowerObjects' very own Inside Sales Program Director, Cecilie Norgaard, sat down with us to talk about her favorite Dashboard features and what the benefits of each are on a daily basis.

1. Goal Attainment:

Sales is a goals-based beast. And how do you know where you are going unless you know where you've been? This function will help you easily visualize your progress day to day and help you to stay on track with your personal sales goals.

2. Opportunities in the Pipeline:

This function is pivotal to your sales funnel. It gives you a quick go-to reference guide to those opportunities that are ready to be attacked with fervor, as well as those just ripe for the picking, patiently awaiting your laser-honed focus.

3. Total Sales Fiscal Year:

Personal sales goals are important, but so is the big picture. How is your team doing? How is your company doing? Are you on track as a whole? This entity will help you keep track of the larger gears in motion – making sure the organization is consistently meeting its goals throughout the year.

"Dashboards are a fantastic one-stop shop to see everything you'll need to keep you moving towards your sales goals. It's a great and easy way to visualize your day to day progress." – Cecilie Norgaard

Personal sales goals are important, but so are organizational and team goals. Without sales, a company cannot keep running. Clip these three entities to your CRM homepage, and you will be well on your way to creating an easy and useful sales dashboard.

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Happy CRM'ing!

By Kieran Patel

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