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Scribe Online Replication Service: Part Three – Creating the Replication Service Solution

Scribe Online Replication Service: Part Three – Creating the Replication Service Solution

If you're a CRM Online customer, you may find that you'd like to have direct access to the database to perform advance reporting or utilize business intelligence tools that otherwise wouldn't be able to communicate with your CRM Online organization. Scribe provides a robust and easy-to-use tool that makes a copy of data in your CRM Online organization and syncs that data to an on-premises database that you have full control over. In the third and final installment in our Scribe Online Replication Service blog series, we'll be creating the Replication Service Solution!

But first, if you haven't already, follow the steps in Part One and in Part Two before starting the steps below.

Creating the Replication Service (RS) Solution

This is the solution in ScribeOnline that will be configured to perform the replication of your CRM Online database to your On-premises database.

1. Log in to ScribeOnline.

2. Navigate to Solutions.

3. Click on the + New button.

4. Select Replication Services (RS).

5. Enter your solution name and description and then click Next.
Replication Service Solution

6. Select the agent you had installed in the previous steps and click Next.
Replication Service Solution

7. Select your source connection (CRM Online connection) and click Next.
Replication Service Solution

8. Select your target connection (SQL On-premises connection) and click Next.
Replication Service Solution

9. Select an option for what you'd like to replicate down. In this example, we will select All Entities.
Replication Service Solution

Running the Replication Service

Running the Replication Service for the first time will take some time depending on the number of records in your system. When it's run, it will populate the database in your on-premises instance and start copying the records. With the Replication Service solution, you can create a schedule to run this as frequently as you'd like. You can also run the solution on demand by logging in to the ScribeOnline portal, select the solution, and click Run Now.

Creating a scheduled run job.
Replication Service Solution

Run on demand.
Replication Service Solution

After running the solution, the database will begin populating with tables and data.

Replication Service Solution

Wrap Up

The ScribeOnline Replication Service tool is used to download a copy of your data from CRM Online so that you can do more advanced reporting and use business intelligence tools that you wouldn't otherwise be able to utilize with CRM Online. It should also be mentioned that this database copy is not a replacement for backups (done by Microsoft), and Microsoft cannot use this database to perform a restoration as it does not contain all of the required tables that come with a SQL backup.

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Happy Scribe'ing!

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