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Flashback Friday: A Brief History of the PowerObjects Newsletter

Flashback Friday: A Brief History of the PowerObjects Newsletter

In a world where your inbox is flooded with monthly newsletters, one newsletter stands alone. It's fun! It's informative! It's the PowerObjects Newsletter, also known as, CRM News You Can Use. We've been sending out a monthly newsletter to our customers for a long while now. Featuring Dynamics CRM news and updates, tips and tricks, as well as PowerObjects educational trainings and events, CRM News You Can Use is one of the best CRM newsletters out there today. For today's blog, let's take things back, waaaaayyyyyy back, to where the legend began in today's Flashback Friday Feature!


As you can see, in 2008 we were still rocking our original logo and blue was the name of the game. We really focused on our awesome CRM educational offerings in this one, which paid off because now we have one of the best CRM education teams in the world. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Thomas still works here!



In 2009 we upped our newsletter game with the snazzy version you see below. This was when Joe CRM became the face of the newsletter, and doesn't he look suave and cool as can be! Joe CRM is kind of like a celebrity in the CRM world. In fact, our marketing team was honored by Microsoft this year as the Modern Marketer of the Year for Dynamics CRM, and they specifically mentioned Joe when they announced our award. Obviously Joe is one busy guy!



2011 was the year of COLOR! We got a new design that really packed a punch with the visuals. With all the fun and bright colors, this newsletter had the look and feel of a CRM comic book! You'll notice that we featured a CRM event in this one. PowerObjects loves getting the chance to network and collaborate with other Dynamics CRM users whenever we can. This year, come see us at the annual CRMUG Summit, October 11-14 in Tampa, FL to experience user-led education on how to maximize the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Use code PO16 to get 10% off when your register (valid until 8/31).



These years gave us not one, but two newsletter redesigns. In the first, you'll notice that we feature a lot of highlights from our blog. Our CRM blog is one of the most respected in the industry. If you aren't already, subscribe to the blog now to get new posts delivered directly to your inbox!


The second redesign introduced the classic PowerObjects purple. We also started featuring more CRM customer success case studies, to showcase not only the capabilities of what you can do with Dynamics CRM, but also the versatility of the product. Our customers love us, so we take any chance we get to talk to them about their experience with PowerObjects. You can check out lots of case studies including some great videos on our website.


2015 – Present

The end of 2015 saw the introduction of the latest and greatest version of our newsletter that you've come to know and love. We are now PowerObjects, an HCL Company, so this version features our new blue colors proudly! The big change to this newsletter is that we started including episodes of The CRM Minute, our video blog series. Every Wednesday, we feature a new video on topics ranging from new trends in Customer Service or update features. Each segment features a PowerObjects expert. The CRM Minute is just one type of video content we provide, it's part of PO TV, our CRM video channel.


Sending out a monthly newsletter can be a great way to engage with your customers and should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Let CRM help you out with it's robust marketing automation functionality. You can download the free eBook, Getting Started with Marketing Automation and CRM, or if you need a little more guided help, check out our three-part webinar series that kicks off in September with Why You Should be Using Marketing Automation in Your Marketing Strategy.  If you're not already subscribed to the newsletter, you're seriously missing out on great content every month. What are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

Happy CRM'ing!

By Kieran Patel

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