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The CRM Minute: Go for the Gold with PowerSuccess [VIDEO]

The CRM Minute: Go for the Gold with PowerSuccess [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever been curious about PowerObjects’ PowerSuccess program, today we'll give you all the answers you’ve been wanting! PowerSuccess is a totally unique service-as-a-subscription program that gives you access to a CRM administrator and a long-term plan for success for a predictable monthly fee. It’s an affordable option for both those who are just starting out with Dynamics CRM and those who already use CRM but want to take their systems to the next level. Not to mention it's a great option for small or medium sized organizations who might not have the resources in-house to manage their CRM system.

Red Door Company, one of our wonderful PowerSuccess customers, is exactly this type of organization. They use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects’ suite of PowerPack add-ons to centralize their customer data, manage leads, automate marketing, provide mobile access to data, streamline their customer feedback process, and ensure responsive customer service. Check out their unique story.

Many organizations like Red Door Company see the potential in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but lack the resources to build a solid path to CRM success. That’s where the PowerSuccess program comes in. PowerSuccess can help your organization turn your CRM system into a well-oiled machine. It’s also designed to provide a much faster time-to-value than traditional time-and-materials projects, and for a much lower cost. Now let's hear from Mike, our PowerSuccess manager, about how the program works!

Now it's time to dive a little bit deeper into the PowerSuccess partnership and meet the PowerSuccess team! These CRM superheroes work directly with you to maximize your CRM success. Think of them as your personal CRM administrators!

Thanks for taking the time to watch The CRM Minute today! Ready to get started with PowerSuccess? Head over to our website and fill out a form to get in touch with a PowerSuccess team member today!

Happy CRM'ing!

By Kieran Patel

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