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The CRM Minute: Why Choose CRM? [VIDEO]

The CRM Minute: Why Choose CRM? [VIDEO]


Welcome, readers and viewers, to our Why CRM video blog series! We recently launched a new website aimed at answering basic questions around customer relationship management (CRM) software called “Why CRM.” The concept behind Why CRM is simple. We believe that CRM offers solutions for countless common business problems, but more often than not, people start shopping for CRM without actually knowing why. They tend to look at features and functions without really understanding what they need.

Here at PowerObjects, we've taken a different approach. We brought it back to basics and are getting down to the root reason people start looking at CRM. In this video blog series, we answer that ultimate question: why should you choose CRM. In the series, we’ll cover three of the most common reasons people start considering CRM, such as losing key customers, making uninformed decisions that hurt business, or growing too rapidly and not being able to control the chaos. Make sure you tune in next week for Why CRM: You're experiencing rapid growth. Tune in every Wednesday for more great videos from The CRM Minute!

Happy CRM'ing!

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Hi. My name is Jim. I work at PowerObjects and I get the chance to look at what we're going to put out there in the world to help add value back to Dynamics CRM. We went ahead and created this website called whyCRM.powerobjectsweb.com/stg to really dive deep into why people implement CRM solutions. Read More

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