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Dear JoeCRM – Volume #3: Javascript, Silverlight, Plugins and Processes


Dear JoeCRM – Volume #3: Javascript, Silverlight, Plugins and Processes

Dear JoeCRM,

I am confused about all this talk about JavaScript, Silverlight, Plugins and processes. They all seem to be capable of solving the same problems. Can you help me to understand the difference at high level and what to use when?


Dear Confused,

Main differences listed below:


  • Client-side scripting language, running in browser.
  • No user interface.
  • Best for light-weight, non-business-critical improvements of the user experience.


  • Client-side, running in browser. Requires Silverlight Plug in for browser.
  • Rich UI controls
  • Best for creating custom UI components, for example new custom screens.


  • Server-side can be synchronous or asynchronous. Generally developed in in C#.
  • No interaction with the user
  • Best for implementation of custom/complex business logic with low tolerance for errors.


  • Server-side. Basically simplified asynchronous plugins.
  • The use of processes would be similar to plugins. The processes will not require development skills to create, but are more limited.

Happy CRM'ing!

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By Joe D365
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